More Phoenix Files

February 25, 2010

Image from Chris

Today the whole family went to support our new friend Chris Morphew at a Q & A and signing of the latest instalment of the Phoenix files Series.

You may remember the Phoenix Files being mentioned before  here and here.

Tim (my lovely husband) also reported a friendly competition between Chris and our 9 year old here.

The new book. Cover form Chris

A couple of interesting things came out today.

One of the underlying themes of the books is how we determine right and wrong. Is it what is democratically decided, an innate  belief system or something else altogether? Chris is very keen to explore this and have his young readers think about it as they read.

As we sat around the table Chris talked about  his desire to have a strong female character as one of the leading three. In his other job as a teacher at a girls school, he had noticed a distinct lack of leading ladies in fiction. Girls who can make a call, be brave and lead if required rather than those who only surround the hero and give gender balance to what is essentially a boys team.

Each book in the series is also told from the perspective of one of the leading three characters. This is a technique I have not encountered before, but the reason behind it is so that you never feel sure about the characters safety.

I am looking forward to reading this next one. I may have to creep into 9 year olds bedroom now and get a head start.


2 Responses to “More Phoenix Files”

  1. […] Thanks also to everyone who came along to the author talk I did at Shearers last week! (Ally Adeney – whose last name I know how to pronounce now – has done a cool write-up of the event here.) […]

  2. […] After a really lovely lunch we headed back to Shearers at Leichart for the little afternoon tea at the cafe before meeting up with the rest of the family of a ‘Meet the Author’ Q and A. I wrote about that here. […]

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