Back to the business….. of making things.

February 22, 2010

It has been months since I have shown you anything that I have made because …. it has been months since I made anything. I have had a bad case of analysis paralysis. I just haven’t known where to start… lots of options….. what to focus on…. hard to decide…. what I want this to be…. unsure …… Basic confusion and inaction. Yes Analysis Paralysis.

I am now in the process of making some things. At the moment it’s bags, for special order which I will get to show you soon. But for now, I want to show you a little of the softer side of harrysdesk.

Started out as a gift, but after a needle prick involving blood that wouldn't come became a very cute pre-school piece for 3 year old.

Close-up detail.

Detail of back label

For a niece....

For Christmas I experimented with some other reclaimed textiles. This time doilies (isn’t that a great word!). I previously posted these pencil cases which showed a leaning in this direction. More experimentation soon.


One Response to “Back to the business….. of making things.”

  1. Great stuff! Let’s keep thinking through all the ideas and spurring each other on…thanks for visiting today. xx

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