The Show Must Go On*

February 12, 2010

Image from firstVIEW

photo taken from firstVIEW

From firstVIEW

Photo taken from firstVIEW

from firstVIEW

Today I was saddened by the news of  another  premature death ( an apparent suicide) of a great artist, Lee McQueen. Head of fashion House Alexander McQueen.

As a designer this man never failed to inspire and excite me with the possibilities of fashion, much like Freddy Mercury and his music or Van Gogh with painting.

While I am inspired by his talent#, I  do not envy his state of hopelessness.

It is a great reminder, that however great you are in your chosen field, you still need to be able to live with yourself.

Lee McQueen from firstVIEW

* ‘The show must go on’ is a song written by Queen not long before Freddy Mercury’s death. The lyrics are going around and around in my head today.

# This link (and photo clicking) will take you through to McQueen’s last fashion show. Do not go here if nudity or very thin girls trouble you.


One Response to “The Show Must Go On*”

  1. Amy said

    Hi Ally, thanks for this. I too was very moved by this news. Last year I made a kimono-style jacket using a free pattern you may have come across ( which was very complicated but fun and made me appreciate his genius!! Must get it out and wear it as a tribute……. Amy P

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