Upcycled Anything Interesting? -Skateboards

February 6, 2010

I know not a lot of you will have these kicking around waiting to be upcycled for fear of extraordinary amounts of landfill, but they can be put to unusual and inspiring use.

image from Skate or DIY

Reply image via Kris Lovett Dot Com

I have blogged about these previously here.

Image from: http://beckycity.com/ via greenluxury

photo from etsy.

phot from 2ReVert Etsy store

This one reminds me of honey joy biscuits. Image from skatestudyhouse

Belt buckle . Image from alldeckdout on etsy

bangle by alldeckdout Photo from etsy

Even buttons. You know how I love buttons. Image by sevenply


4 Responses to “Upcycled Anything Interesting? -Skateboards”

  1. Nomes said

    Talking about being environmentally friendly…

    saw this link and thought of you guys 😛


  2. Christine said

    Hey Ally
    These are awesome! thanks for sharing.
    C x

  3. […] Other sporty upcycles can be seen here and here […]

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