My first bloggy award. How exciting!

February 3, 2010

Yes, even though I haven’t posted a picture of anything I have made for over a month (no one seems to have minded).

This is a particularly lovely award because it is for being a beautiful blogger.I’m not sure exactly what that means…. but I accept…. I’ll take it….. thank you!

I was awarded my first award from my friend Steph.

Those who read my blog regularly will have read many comments from the ever encouraging Steph. As soon as she became aware of my blog, she has been leaving me little morsels of her wisdom and encouragement. Thanks Steph. I  featured her extra cute ‘ designed by kids and made by adults’ Moobear designs here

To accept this award I have to

  • thank the person who gave it to me…..Thanks Steph!!.
  • paste the award on my blog and link back to the person who nominated you…check out Steph’s blog here.
  • tell 7 interesting things about myself…..
  1. I would really love to live on a boat full-time
  2. I love  rugby. They are ‘my boys’.
  3. The first instrument I learnt was the piano accordian. I kid you not.
  4. Tim and I have designed a board game “There be Dragons!”
  5. I love to paint and collage. (Will show you some soon!)
  6. I love tupperware a little too much (party this Friday….. come ….. share the love.)
  7. I have been , and may be again, a pastor’s wife.

As I read back over my list, I realise I am more odd than interesting. Anyway……

  • nominate 7 blogs for this award then link to them!!
  1. Nic: A dear friend who’s gift for writing clearly about her love for Jesus and other’s encourages and challenges me.
  2. Cathy: Another dear friend I am proud to have in my circle who’s commitment and depth of thought in all things makes my heart sing.
  3. Ali:  A beautiful troubled poet of sorts, who’s honesty I find refreshing and encouraging.
  4. Goldy: Who never ceases to surprise.
  5. Tim: He was so beautiful….. I married him.
  6. Sophie: A recent find, who’s way of seeing things  inspires me.
  7. Rachael: A thinker, dreamer, theologian and woman after my own heart.
  8. Sarah: My one truly bloggy friend, who I have never met in real life but have come to enjoy in the past couple of months. ( I know it was supposed to be 7 but one more won’t hurt)

4 Responses to “My first bloggy award. How exciting!”

  1. Ali said

    Well thank you! A “troubled poet” – I laughed. Maybe I shall increase the torment and anguish so I live up to it. 7 interesting things and 7 people – golly – I shall see what I can do!

  2. sophie said

    thanks ally, very sweet of you.

  3. Stephanie said

    You designed a board game?? Now that’s pretty awesome indeed. Glad you liked your award and even better I gave you you’re first one woohoo!!

    xo Steph

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