Ding Dong Merrily On High!

December 24, 2009

  • Our favourite parkWe have chosen our menu ( Breakfast Strata, Chicken Mango and Pistachio Salad, Pavlovas with raspberries and blueberries for desert)A little different from the menu I had in my head when I went to the shop, but these things happen when you use the last minute!
  • The presents are mostly made and all wrapped.
  • There is a mango is everyone’s stocking (tradition carried on from Tim’s family).
  • The children are tucked up in bed, after one Christmas Eve present (as is tradition).
  • The adults are up late and preparing some of the food for tomorrow. Hence the Ding Dong bit!
  • Our Advent calendar will last us until New Year (maybe even beyond)

All that’s left to do is get some shut-eye and enjoy the celebrations together.


  1. Remembering why we bother with Christmas and who it’s about. (something we always want to do)
  2. Going to our normal church for a morning get together (something we rarely get to do)
  3. Having our first Christmas just with our immediate family (has never happened before, in 17 years of marriage)
  4. Praying the rain holds off until late afternoon as predicted, so that we can take our special lunch to the park. (maybe we can begin a new tradition)
  5. Spending lots of time with Tim and the girls. (really looking forward to this…. our last quarter has been full, full, full)

Will probably post some pictures later but until then….. I’m with Tim.

Blogging off ……… for now.

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