Christmas recipes from Blogland

December 23, 2009

The Christmas recipe meme is kicking along, and there are so many recipes and ideas to choose from, so I thought I would make a list to help me think.

I hope it helps you think too.

Tomorrow I will sit down with my girls and plan our first ever Christmas alone, as a little family. Exciting ….. yet surprisingly daunting.

Bits and pieces around the edges

Nuts and bolts: right here at harrysdesk

Mini Christmas Puds: at The Best Book Co-op

Gingerbread Latte from Apartment Therapy The Kitchen


Cinnamon scented Tree decorations at High In The Sky

Holly Christmas table decorations at Something This Foggy Day


Cocktail sauce mix posted at Goldy’s times of joy as a sound engineer, musician and a photographer.

Special Christmas Custard sauce at Over At Our Place


Breakfast Strata at Apartment therapy The Kitchen


Chicken and Mango salad with Pistachios by yours truly at harrysdesk


Pineapple Jelly Ring posted at christopher & me

Chocolate Christmas Truffles at Piquant Jewellery

White Chocolate Frozen Christmas Pudding by 168hrs

Mincemeat cake posted at I speak Melsh

Mum’s fruit mince at The Key to the Door (the originator of this meme)

Bailey’s cheesecake on Deb’s World

OK That’s the list to start with. I will let you know what we choose….. if you make any (and they were great) please let me know.


2 Responses to “Christmas recipes from Blogland”

  1. Meredith said

    Thanks for pulling this summary together. I got started on a summary but ran out of time to get as far through the links as you did. And I love the order you have given the recipes. Good for you. Will you be my personal assistant? 🙂

    Hope you had a great and delicious Christmas.

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