Over and out

November 22, 2009

Don’t panic! I am not about to leave the blogging world yet, although after this post some of you might wish I would.

Tonight was the final of Australian Idol 2009. Yes I have been watching. Yes I enjoyed it. Yes I was happy with the outcome, although I would have been happy either way.

Two very talented ‘youngsters’ behaving very adultly, but not in the usual way.  Not badly but honourably.

They both had a maturity and drive I wouldn’t have even desired at 17 or 18, let alone possess.

Photo from the Australian Idol website.

P.s. Well done Stan for repeatedly honouring God for his goodness and power to change lives.


3 Responses to “Over and out”

  1. Stephanie said

    so who won?? We didn’t follow this one and were completely unaware that there was a new idol about to be announced!! I feel so bad lol

    xo Steph

    • allysonadeney said

      The guy, Stan. I haven’t seen all of the series (6) I think, but this one was IMHO as good as the first one.

  2. […] As I was watching the Australian Idol finals, this guy (yes I thought Mika was a girls name too) was announced….. to much screaming! […]

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