New t-shirt…… or not?

November 18, 2009

Ok, so I teased you with the back tag a couple of days ago. Now it’s time to reveal the front.

I am in two minds as to whether this is too ‘angry’ to join the harrysdesk collection.

Some have said that anything that has a button on it can’t possibly be angry, but I am looking for some more feedback.

If you like you can comment on the two options as well. Stitching on letters or not.

....well what's the verdict?..... (without letter stitching)

I have positioned the buttons carefully. Enough said.

with stitching on the letters.....


9 Responses to “New t-shirt…… or not?”

  1. Jenno said

    I like the non-stitching version better….and it’s definitely not too angry…it’s cute!

  2. Laura said

    Definetly the no-stitching one. And I agree with Jenno that it is cute. Is this a shirt for adults or kids?

  3. Sally said

    I pretty much think all your designs are cool. Thumbs up!

  4. Sarah Kelly said

    Yep, no stitching. Funky and fun.

  5. Mel said

    I think it’s fab 🙂 I’m relieved the buttons are carefully placed though…. 😉

    I’d go without the stitching, I think it looks better that way.

    I want one of these, speaking as a mother and a teacher!!

  6. Susan Ravenhall said

    A little bit angry – but there would be days when appropriate I think!
    By the way, ‘Hi’ Ally, been reading your blog for a while now but this is the first time I’ve come forward. Enjoy reading your thoughts and seeing your craft.

    • allysonadeney said

      Nice to hear from you Susan!
      Sorry it has taken me so long to reply. We have had a family dose of ‘gastro’ 4/6 is a pretty good hit rate…..may be more to come…. but for now we are all well.

  7. Stephanie said

    No stitching…

    xo Steph

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