Pencil cases

November 4, 2009

Instead of using the ‘Will I make it this Christmas’ tutorials to make presents herself, my naughty sister in law has been placing orders for things that she sees, so that she can give them as gifts to her family and friends.

Which is fine by me, because if someone orders something I definitely get a chance to make it for Christmas…. just not for my gift receivers.

Here are some pencil cases I made using the instructions from Sublime Stitching’s Tutorial

Pretty Upcycled Pencil cases

Pretty Upcycled Pencil Cases

The tutorial requires some fairly nifty, but I think unnecessary, manoeuvring inside to totally seal it. I did it on the first one but, but changed the pattern slightly for the next two.

The first one uses a reclaimed tablecloth, ticking, pieces from a girls dress and a section from a ladies blouse. It’s had a life already.

The second one utilises a beautiful girls dress (which grew mould in spots so ended up in my recycling crate), leftovers from a felicity wishes dress-up, a scrap from my mums fabric cupboard and lace from a child’s petticoat.

The last one uses the embroidery from a hankie, a piece from some PJ pants, more of the left-over dress-up and some cotton lace hemming.

All the zippers were found in a bag of ‘goodies’ from the local Op shop.

I really enjoyed making these and including all the various finds from my stash. They represent so well what I wanted to explore this Christmas.


6 Responses to “Pencil cases”

  1. Samara said

    Hi Ally…

    These are lovely pencil cases!! Very clever… Found some lovely ideas on your blog for Christmas presents! Thanks! : )


  2. rachael said

    It’s just as well you don’t live in the tropics, Ally, or everything would end up in the recycling crate and there’d be nothing left to wear!

  3. Stephanie said

    I love these Ally. What a great tutorial find too!!

    xo Steph

  4. Carolee Thorpe said

    Hi I found your site when i was searching bing for this

  5. […] other reclaimed textiles. This time doilies (isn’t that a great word!). I previously posted these pencil cases which showed a leaning in this direction. More experimentation […]

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