Lists- things to do with 3 year olds

October 29, 2009

As promised……. please feel free to fill in any hole. I am sure there are lots

Three things before I start.

1: This is my list of things I do…. not a list to tell you what you should do, and

2: I share it because I was asked to by some (to give them some ideas) and thought it may be helpful to others (for those many non-creative moments we have.)

3: Some days my 3 year old just follows me around chatting while I do countless jobs.




*play in the yard

*go to the library

*catch the train to nowhere and back again

* find a pond and feed the ducks (if you are allowed)

*good time to teach them to eat lots of different things

*laugh loudly together

*take a video of them and watch it together


*visit Cityfarm at fairfield..... or similar


Great family prices..... and take a picnic lunch

* go for a mummy/daughter/ milkshake

*take a picnic to the park for lunch

*garden together

*make mud pies

*pick fruit, veges or flowers, if you are fortunate enough to have any of these.

*go for a swim

*get in your swimmers and play with water in the yard

*have a bath/shower, at an unusual time of the day, put in lots of things to play with

*read books


Photo by 9 year old "A work at the art gallery"

* go to the art gallery. NSW gallery has a special program for 3-5 year olds

*take books to the park to read

*sing songs

*make up songs

*call the grandparents

*call the Aunts and Uncles and Cousins

*cook muffins or banana bread ( I am sure there are other things that one could bake with a three year old, but I am not a baker.

*Invite a friend over and eat the baking

*do jigsaw puzzles


Have an older sibling or playmate play the game the 3 year old wants to play.

*draw pictures on paper

*draw on the chalk board

*paint with water on the chalk board

*paint on paper….. if you feel like cleaning up

*watch older kids doing things they can’t yet, and talk to them about how they will be able to do that too one day.

* get them to help clean up

*play duplo by building something huge together and CRASH it down

*make up a story with duplo

*wrestle  (they will take a while to learn how to do this, but is great for their self control, using up energy and understanding their strength.)


*cuddle and kissing for extended periods of time.

*make up a puppet story

*read a story using a puppet

*get them to ‘read’ you a story

*leave them alone in a safe place to enjoy their own company…… they may need some convincing of this

*play with buttons sorting, feeling, talking about colours and textures, count the holes

*give the day a theme (see playschool for ideas) and do lots of activities around the theme


*Rest outside

* go to the park

* build from the recycling with sticky tape, or without tape ….just stacking and falling and rebuilding

*play in a cardboard box

*pray with them  for people that are important to them

*play an age appropriate game on the computer here or here I am still exploring this and testing sites with 3 year old. I will keep you posted…… Literally

*dance together

*look for leaves

*paste leaves to a page

*make playdough  Recipe here and here

*play playdough

*make a story up with playdough

*make ‘biscuits’ with playdough and have a tea party or “smoko” for boys. My dad was a tradesman, this is what they call morning (and afternoon) tea.

*paper , pens, pencils, crayons, textas and stamps.

*make wrapping paper from stamps or buttons


Dress -up

*dress-up and dance

*clean walls with a spray cleaner VERY watered down

*build a blanket cubby over the dining table

*take a ball to the park

*ride a trike to the park….and take lunch with you….and some books


Special spots at the power house for 3 year olds

*go to the Powerhouse museum (Membership at very friendly prices especially for families with more than 2 children)

*play Mr Potato Head… or the beetle game

*read them a kids bible, we like this one.

*read to them a giant pile of books, even if they wonder around you and appear not to be listening for

*laugh at them

*laugh at what they laugh at

*talk about how life works throughout the day

*play age appropriate boardgames and Card games. Snap, memory match, Hiss

*watch playschool, or other age appropriate TV. Be careful of shows with mean characters…… 3 year olds are great imitators.

*watch Colin ( who requires no last name)

*musical Instruments playing

*musical instrument making

* playing trains

*sweep paths

*sweep floor

*sing songs



Call a friend and ask them to come and play



*help them to share with their playmates

*help them to say sorry to their playmates

*help them to be generous with their toys

*talk about imaginary places and people with them…. go with their stories


Make sure she get lots of rest

*take a ferry somewhere, and back again

*cut up paper and magazines just for the fun of cutting

*go for a walk and see how often they can see the letter that starts their name

*teach them how to obey simple instructions

*catch the bus



5 Responses to “Lists- things to do with 3 year olds”

  1. Great ideas. I love those so many of these encourage her to use her imagination. Also, it’s great to have options that don’t cost anything. I do many of these myself with my own three-year-old, and I got a few new ideas too. Thanks for the list!

  2. Julie said

    One of my good friends (Thora, not sure if you know her personally), sent me this link. Hope it is okay with you if I link it to my blog. You have some fantastic, simple ideas here. Thanks.

  3. […] If you have been reading along for a while, you would know how much we love dressing up and pretending. […]

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