Will I make it this Christmas?- Upcycled gifts.

October 23, 2009

Upcycled, recycled, reclaimed, salvaged or thrifted gifts may not be everyone’s cup of tea, and certainly there are many contexts where to give someone a second hand present would be very inappropriate. However, the world is changing and people are being more responsible with resources, so it is an option that can be a real winner.

Perhaps, as a family unit, or group of friends you could make a game of only giving gifts in this vain for a year. Sure, you won’t have your tea towels replenished with starchy new ones or be able to do a one night spin around the shops and pick -up whatever you can find that the person would vaguely like….or should.

You may pick-up a new skill or surprise yourself with the skills you already have and don’t use. You may even save your a bit of money, and not spend most of January eating toast for dinner. You will be helping to curb the excessive consumerism we all get sucked into in the coming months.

Scarf pillows by Full House.

Scarf pillows by Full House.

A tutorial can be found for a simple cushion cover can be found here. To make your scarves easier to sew…. slippery can be tricky…. place a sheeting or calico behind the scarves first to make them more stable, and therefore easier to sew.

A simple tutorial which requires NO SEWING  can be found here at thrifty fun. So no excuses.

A recycled coffee table. Image and tutorial from craftster

A recycled coffee table. Image and tutorial from craftster

I have been wanting to share this little gem for a while. Don’t like buttons…..weirdo…. try family photos, or lego for a kids room, or old dinner ware placed like a set table, or a beautiful piece of fabric….or….or…. you get the idea.

Image from Design*Sponge

Image from Design*Sponge

Ok… ok… it’s a little left of centre (I have relatives that are left of centre as well), but stick with me. Use the same idea but instead of dolly bits use….the front ends of plastic trucks…… or dent cultery….. or mismatched door nobs.

Image from OutsaPop. Lots of repurposed clothing ideas here

Image from OutsaPop. Lots of repurposed clothing ideas here

This very comfy dress is made from 2 t-shirts……sewn together at the necks. Pretty simple! See the tutorial of sorts here.

Image from the Artful Crafter

Image from the Artful Crafter

This looks so fun! A great gift for dads and husbands and 7-99 year olds. You could even include special treasures inside …… like love letters, bible verses, another book, small trinkets that have significance, or money!  The tutorial is in two parts here and here.

If you have ideas about other recyled, upcyled etc gifts that are fun to make, please share!

Now go…… reclaim, recycle , reuse…… do I RE-peat myself.

Photo source the Artful Crafter

Photo source the Artful Crafter


7 Responses to “Will I make it this Christmas?- Upcycled gifts.”

  1. Eileen said

    What a nice surprise to find my Secret Box Book photos here. Perhaps you didn’t know you need to ask permission to use someone’s copyrighted photos.

    It’s generally okay with me if you provide a link to the page you *borrowed* from. In this case, it’s my tutorial for making a .

      • allysonadeney said

        Hi Eileen,
        I was unaware I needed to ask permission to use the photos. I was under the impression that if I sourced the photos and provided a link (which I did above the photos) that it was OK. I have now set up an additional link (click on the photo…which I didn’t know how to do at the time of the post) to try and rectify the problem.
        I am really sorry.
        If you would like me to remove them from the post I can. Just let me know.
        Thanks for letting me know
        P.S. I have made one of these using your instructions for my father in law and it turned out brilliantly. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. Eileen said

    Hi Ally,

    Thank you for the very sweet response and for embedding a link in the photo. I know where you’re coming from; it wasn’t too long ago that I didn’t know how to embed links in photos either. Most people will let you get away with using their photos as long as there is a live link, but it’s best to ask permission. It is copyright infringement to use without permission. I would never pursue that; but some might.

    I enjoyed looking around your blog. You have some really cool stuff. I looked in your Etsy shop too. Your bags are lovely.

    I’m delighted you made one of the secret box books following my directions. Is it on your blog? I’d love to see it.


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