Paper Fashions

October 21, 2009

During the school holidays 9 year old  made paper chains and we were having a discussion about how you could use them in clothing. I suggested if you scaled the size down to maybe half, if would make a very groovy necklace. She was interested in the idea of creating a whole dress from them ala knights of Camelot.

Then I found this…. by Tommy Ton by Tommy Ton

Problem is, I am now seeing necklaces like this in other places, and I can’t work out if I like it or I am just fascinated by it because of our uncannily timed conversation.

What do you think? by Tommy Ton featured

One Response to “Paper Fashions”

  1. Jenno said

    I like it…but I think it would work better with a different textile, this one looks a bit too robot/harsh for me.

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