Will I make it this Christmas? – Baby gifts

October 16, 2009

I love making gifts for babies.

They aren’t fussy…generally.

The gifts are often a bit more risky than for an adult or older child….because we are fussy…..generally.

They are often quick to make.

They don’t use up a lot of materials.

They allow us to use our creativity and light-hearted sides. This is good for us. We all take ourselves way too seriously. Well, I do anyway.

So with no further preamble…..

Photo from stardust shoes

Photo from stardust shoes

Joanna from stardustshoes gives us the classic baby shoe. These  are such a cute shape that you could make them out of anything…. teatowels, scarves you no longer want, old cotton shirts or your children’s old baby clothes (if you want to be really thrifty) or buy a little piece of beautiful fabric and go for it.

Stardustshoes is a lovely blog, as well, and has many great ideas. Well worth a coffee and a sit.

Martha Stewart photo

Martha Stewart photo

Oh course, Martha has her own version of the baby shoe, for all the crochet queens among you. A tribute to Dorothy I think

image from artsy-crafty babe

image from artsy-crafty babe

How cute are these?! and soooo easy you probably don’t need a tutorial, but I’m giving it to you anyway.

The tutorial is for broaches, but if you leave off the back pin, and attach a hair clip or band (with a metal piece), wha la, you have hair accessories.

Martha again.... she is a tutorial whiz.

Martha again.... she is a tutorial whiz.

One for the paper people. Personally I don’t think it needs the blossoms on the twig, and it the becomes a whole lot easier.

The "hooter hider" image from made by the mama monster

The "hooter hider" image from made by the mama monster

Not exactly for baby, more because of baby.

The ‘hooter hider’ is a cover for the mother for feeding baby in public…. well not so public, which is the point. My friend Na is very keen on hers and would recommend them to feeding mummies.

The tutorial can be found here at made by the mama monster.

Image from Martha Stewart

Image from Martha Stewart

Caroline, this one is especially for you! A while ago my lovely friend Caroline went looking for this on the blog because I told her I was going to put it up… she searched and searched…. but it wasn’t there…. because it wasn’t there. But it is now.


My girls always enjoyed their quite books, and this one is made using the cut and paste technique. Everyone can do that…. right?

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  1. […] is removable for washing…. and putting on other things. I used the button broach tutorial I shared earier from here combined with grosgrain , ribbon and tags from ties. The Abix swirl. Quickly […]

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