October 14, 2009

Ducks in a row......

Ducks in a row......

I am a bit of a list maker, as some of you will know. I like to have my ‘ducks in a row’ so I can think and be creative.

Actually, I think we are a family of list makers. It doesn’t mean we do everything on the list, but it does have a calming effect on the listmaker.

Over the years of having little people in the house, I have found myself writing more and more lists to aid in the sanity levels…of me and them.

These lists include, but are not limited to:

* meals we all like

* jobs that need doing this morning

* jobs completed that morning

* forms I need to complete (although this list only brings me joy when it is complete)

* things the kids would like to do in the holidays

* people I want to pray for

* families I want to have around for dinner

* articles I would like to write ( nothing has ever been completed off this list)

* sorting jobs for my house ( very little is completed from this list…. but I live in hope)

* jobs the kids can do

*recipes the kids are learning to cook

* things I am cranky about (usually not shared and destroyed soon after)

* ideas from books (usually Christian ones) of things I would like to work on with my marriage, kids and person.

* projects that need finishing for harrysdesk

* phone numbers of the people I contact most

* computer bookmarked image lists of ideas for harrysdesk

* sketchbook image lists of artworks I intend to make

* jobs for my cleaning lady ( yes I have one, it’s a long story, but I can’t recommend it highly enough)

* people I would like to catch up with

* promises I have made to my children

* what to get at the shops

* Christmas and birthday gifts

* books I want to read

* activities to do with babies

* activities to do with 1 year olds, 2 year olds, 3 year olds….. you get the picture.

* lists of blogs I like to read

* inside my cupboard I have a list of how our community group members take their tea and coffee…. although I didn’t write this one, I have written them in the past.

*lists of the some of the lists I have. ( this is a newly completed list, and something I have never done before)

I was going to share my “things to do with 3 year olds” list, but I have inadvertently shared a different one.

Maybe another day.


One Response to “Lists.”

  1. Nomes said

    I carry around a little purple notebook with me everywhere which includes, along with many other random things (recipes, quotes, song lyrics ect), lists such as *what uni I could go to, *baby shower games, *girls names I don’t hate (don’t ask!), *chord charts, *target daily nutrients, *songs I like, *songs I might like, *pastors I should listen to, *counselling techniques…

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