Will I make it this Christmas?- photos

October 2, 2009

Image from Elf yourselfUse the photos stored on your computer or from facebook to ‘elf yourself’ and email it to your loved ones. Animate your family (including pets) and send it as your Christmas letter.A family letter that’s a bit more enjoyable than rrenovations and school awards…… oh….  did I say that!

One of 6 year olds school friends mum (if that makes sense) showed me how a couple of weeks ago. Thanks Sarah!

Click to play this Smilebox calendar: harrysdesk calendar 2
Create your own calendar - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox calendar

This same site has lots of christmas ideas (some way too cheesy for me personally).But this easy and quick idea is so simple even the most computer challenged among us will be able to work it out , and everyone will be dumbfounded at your skills!

A personalised calendar made from smilebox. This could work for the guy in your list. Any picture you can find on line can be dragged into this calendar. Think sports cars, lego models, computer gadgetry or family photos for grandpa.

It is free.If  you want it advertising free and to be able to put your own tunes behind it, it will cost you a little and you pay by the month.

Photo from Apartment TherapyThis image is a good example of how a photo of almost anything can be framed simply and turned into an artwork.

Teks and $2 shops and often op-shops are a great source of frames.

A bath photo for someone who loves their tub. A stove for the resident cook. Or do a set of four, or nine like this one.

Photo thanks to Rob Llewellyn.

If all these ideas seem too tricky (although I have only given you ones I know you can do) … go back to basics.

Have a favourite shot printed up, or turned into a canvas, for anyone, or yourself.

My resident favourite photographer Christen uses Domain .

Order and upload from home. They’ll send them to you or you can pick them up.

She trusts them with her shots.… and that’s enough for me.


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