Top 5 tips for days like these.

September 23, 2009

Photo from our back window, by 9 year old. 6:56 this morning

Photo from our back window by 9 year old. 6:56 this morning

1: Wear heavy shoes it’s going to be very windy.

2: Make sure you have your puffer (inhaler)  with you. The dust is choking.

3:  Don’t drive anywhere if you can help it. Wind and unusual conditions make for increased levels of road rage.

4: Leave your washing until tomorrow.

5: Take lots of photos this may be as close as some of us get to the ‘red centre’


Check out Your Gnome Away from Home who’s missing her topsoil and wants it back.


2 Responses to “Top 5 tips for days like these.”

  1. Stephanie said

    How freakin amazing is this… I am an asthmatic and made it to Judy’s coffee shop before I thought “I think I should stop and go home before I my breathing becomes too difficult!!” INSANE!! Can I steal your photo for my blog… I’ll credit you!!

    xo Steph

    • allysonadeney said

      Yeah sure, no problem about the photo. Credit to 9 year old though….. not me…..oh and she charges 5c a photo…. and doesn’t accept credit.

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