Tag: Cathy from The Best Book Co-op

September 9, 2009

Unsure of the photo source.... is it you Cathy?

Sydney Morning Herald July 31 2009. Photographer: Jennifer Soo

Sticky Pear Puddings………mmmmmmmmmm

People that make deserts are a blessing from God. No seriously

Check it out over here

A cutting and pasting adventure played chaos with the fonts and colours, but that just makes the whole thing better.

Thanks Cathy. Unsure of the photo source …..did you take this?


3 Responses to “Tag: Cathy from The Best Book Co-op”

  1. Thanks Ally.

    No, photo source now added – you know when you thought you had done something, but you haven’t…? Thanks for pointing it out!

    • allysonadeney said

      I wasn’t pointing out anything….. you are a great photographer. I didn’t recognise any of the “accessories”, that’s what tipped me off.

  2. No, honestly, I am glad! I don’t want to steal!

    I haven’t made it yet myself – the ingredients are sitting in my pantry. Hope it is photographable when I do!


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