Adopt an owl.

September 4, 2009

An owlery

An owlery

I took the owl badges for an outing on Thursday.

We (3 year old, myself and Lily the lion) met Steph from Moobear and her daughter ‘Bubble’  in the park. For helping with harrysdesk first photo shoot Steph and Bubble were awarded O.W.L.s. (Outstanding Work Ladies).

Steph choose these ones to adopt.

Still awaiting name.

Still awaiting name.

Name to be advised

Name to be advised.

And as a spur of the moment award.

To Laura for Lily the lion, the first (of what I hope is many) tutorial triumphs.

If you would like to adopt one , go to contact and email me or leave a comment here and we can work it out.. They are $12

Hoo Hoo Happy weekend.


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