O.W.L’s awarded

August 21, 2009

Harry Potter fans will get the reference, although I have changed the acronym from Ordinary Wizarding Levels to……Outstanding Work Ladies.


They have been awarded to my Sunday photo shoot helpers.

Only a token of thanks and in no way representative of your brilliance……but much better than a certificate.

I am making lots more. These are just the beginning. Lots more colours coming.

5 Responses to “O.W.L’s awarded”

  1. Jenno said

    These are awesome! Do they serve any purpose or is their purpose to just sit and look pretty?

    • allysonadeney said

      Great question! They are broaches….that sit and look pretty or quirky, depending on which on you choose.

  2. Erica said

    I saw these on Moo Bear Designs, and think they are the best recycled fashion idea I’ve seen in a long time. Would you mind if I made some of these myself, write about them in my blog and credit back to you for the excellent idea?

    • allysonadeney said

      Hi Erica,
      What a sweet thing to say! Of course you can make some. I will email you soon and get your details so that I can send you a tutorial if you like. I had a look on your blog, and it would be an honour to be written about there. Ally

  3. Erica said

    Please do send me the tutorial, that would be great!

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