The Perfect Bag?

August 7, 2009

100_2462The other day I came across this thinking about the perfect handbag. I found it interesting, but didn’t find myself agreeing with the summary of what is universally desired. For instance, I want a bag that looks amazing! (especially if I carry it everywhere everyday).

Am I alone? Are their others of you out there?

Have a read, and then comment, if you like, about the features you think a perfect bag needs.

I’d love to know.

It would be crazy for me not to do a little research.

It would be crazy if my bags weren’t being considered by some just because they didn’t have something you deem essential to perfection!

Realistically, the idea of a “perfect” handbag is somewhat subjective. I’ve met teenage girls who only want a bag juuuust big enough to carry a tiny minimalist wallet, their house keys, and a tube of lip balm. Fine, good for them (though not too useful after high school). Professional women tend to want big, sturdy bags that can hold everything (though some very successful women also love to buy impractical, expensive bags to display their status). Moms often look for bags that have enough compartments to hold a few toys, snacks, and a well-worn copy of “Madeline”. Fashion fiends are more concerned with silhouette, color, label, and whether some D-list celeb has been photographed carrying it. Grad students want a bag that can hold file folders, a notebook, and a textbook in addition to the basics.

Still, some criteria are almost universally desired.

  • Zipper or magnetic snap closures are always a good idea (open bags attract pickpockets).
  • Neutral linings, whether plain or patterned, are well received (bright ones draw attention to your stuff, and patterns can hide stains from spilled makeup).
  • Adjustable shoulder straps are widely appreciated, especially since not everyone is the same height or wants to wear their bag up high or down low. (Bonus points for the strap also being detachable.)
  • Bags should be wide enough to make searching through them relatively easy, but go too wide and the wearer may knock someone over. Shallower, flatter bags are appreciated more in markets where mass transit is used by all social classes.
  • Two or more inside pockets, zippered or not (preferably one or two of each), are always appreciated, as are keychain tabs.
  • Versatility is good. In the old days, women changed their bags when they changed their outfits (several times a day), but very few people do that now (really, who has that kind of time?). Now, if a bag can go from work to the library to having drinks with the girls, it’s a keeper.

All ideas from the veganshoelady.

I will summarise our findings once the verdict is in.

Please comment. I really do care!


3 Responses to “The Perfect Bag?”

  1. Caroline E said

    The (inside or outside) pockets have gotta be the right size for finding keys and mobile in a hurry. These 2 items must always be quickly findable in a bag. I also like a spot for a pen. I also like a “private pocket” for GST-attracting female necessities. 🙂

    • allysonadeney said

      Good points.
      Give me exact sizes for those pockets. Do the pockets need to be inside and outside, or just one?

  2. Caroline E said

    Well. Can’t have said female necessities falling out everytime you fumble for your phone and keys. So, at least 2 pockets.
    I think inside the bag is better for all the mentioned pockets. For security. I’d have 2 pockets same size for keys and phone, being just a good size to fit around all phone designs. You could do one pocket, but my keys would scratch my phone screen, so maybe not.
    Then one more pocket (so 3 now in total) for GSTafn, just small, maybe the width of your 4 fingers, and half a hand depth?
    It’s getting tricky!

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