Christmas in July

August 4, 2009

The mandarine Christmas tree

The mandarine Christmas tree.

For two years now our Community group* has had a special Christmas in July with some friends in the local area. Christmas time is usually nuts and often means travelling out of the area to celebrate with family.This Christmas in July idea came out of the desire to hang out with some friends at Christmas, without giving up our family celebrations.

The way we do it is worth sharing, I reckon, because it works brilliantly.

1. Each household invites some friends….as many as they feel able…. to dinner. Some households get their guests to contribute to the dinner, and some cook it all themselves.

2. One household hosts desert and coffee. (And cigars and port… the tradition takes us)…… and all the households lob up at around 8:30-9:00 for the combined bit of the get together.

Last year we had desert here, and this year we went to Ro and Na’s place. Because it wasn’t a school night we took the kids, and it was late, and they ended up watching ‘Inspector Gadget’ in the lounge room, but not until after they had roasted marshmellows on the ‘Webber’ and eaten lots of yummy soft gingerbreadmen.

As a special treat Na made us all (yep 6 for us….woooo hoooo) snow drops made from leftover vintage chandelier bits, her grandfather had collected over the years of being a ‘chandelier fixer’. Cool hey.

Chandeler pieces into Christmas snow drops.

Chandelier pieces into Christmas snow drops.

* Community group is a bunch of people getting together weekly to look at the bible and share each others lives.


2 Responses to “Christmas in July”

  1. Laura said

    Wow Ali, I am all inspired. This year we talked of a christmas in July for the same reasons (and I share my birthday with Jesus). Sadly our planning did not meet our ideas and July has passed us by. Remind me next year of this. It is a great idea.

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