Three-year-olds dress.

July 24, 2009

I posted the first of what I hope will be many frugal ideas for us all to try on Thrifty Tutorial Tuesday.

Dress with styling by 3 year old.

Dress with styling by 3 year old.

The days have been so gloriously sunny lately, and spring and summer don’t feel so far away, so I thought I would give this tutorial a go.

I made it, with a few changes to the original idea, but the essence is the same. 

1: I used a ladies shirt instead of mens.

2: Slightly different sleeve configuration. I would really have liked to use ribbon ties as straps, but couldn’t find any complimentary ribbon in my stashes, and makes it much less frugal if I have to go out and actually purchase something, right? 

3: I used the collar of the shirt to make a gathered rose, and some co-ordinating buttons I had to embellish.

4: The pockets are the shoulder pads of the original shirt (with the foam removed).

I am left with only one  sadness and one question.

Sadness:I didn’t make it quite big enough! Oh well, will have to try it again….. that’s not so bad.

Question: Is it really thrifty to make a dress your child doesn’t really need?


One Response to “Three-year-olds dress.”

  1. Stephanie said

    I have had the shirt and the tutorial bookmarked for this project since Bear was a baby… You go girl! I love that no rules apply with DIY you change it to suit your needs. I should make Bubble really!!

    xo Steph

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