Bags for Nic

May 7, 2009


My friend Nic asked for some bags to choose from for mother’s day.

I came up with these.

I hope she likes one!!



Brown/ Orange

Brown/ Orange

Red/Navy/White "Mackay" Large

Red/Navy/White "Mackay" Large




Pink/Khaki/Purple "Broadbent" with rosette

Pink/Khaki/Purple "Starling" The broadbent with rosette


Khaki funnel with short strap

Khaki funnel with short strap

I wonder which one she will choose?

I have my suspicions.


4 Responses to “Bags for Nic”

  1. Elizabeth said

    Cute- how much do they cost ?

  2. Elizabeth said

    where can i buy them?

  3. allysonadeney said

    Hi Elizabeth,
    The bags cost $160.
    If you would like one the best way is to go to the contact page and send me an email.
    I do have one item listed on etsy ( an online market….google it if you haven’t already for lots of beautiful pieces from all over the world) , but am still working out this system of selling, and have more things to offer than what I put up on that sight.
    I am hoping that by the end of next week a new page will appear on this blog (beside about and contact) which has starting points of tie bags, for you to choose from.
    Thanks for your encouragement. Ally

  4. Stuart Heath said

    Hi, Ally,

    We both love your bags! May the gender fashion lines continue to blur until the day I can wear one and not get beaten up. Actually, maybe that day has already come in the Inner West.

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